Mental Techniques for Improving Musicial Skill

What good are books that teach scales and chords if the reader has a

poor memory, has trouble concentrating while playing, or is terrified while performing for others all that they have learned and practiced. As a musician, ones mental habits and aptitude will directly affect every aspect of musicianship. MIND POWER FOR MUSICIANS lists many techniques that can dramatically improve musical skill and creativity by focusing on specific mental habits and traits.

A Revolutionary approach to music



Specific techniques and exercises are listed and explained that will improve various areas of one's mind power as they pertain to the study, practice, and performance of music. These are the same traits that are common to all great musicians and composers. By applying what is in this book, your musical potential can be significantly improved. Many habits can be applied right away and other aptitudes can be easily developed over time with the use of proven techniques.

Mind Power for Musicians

develop musical skill from within